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Chance Dance movement

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Hi, my name is Chance and I love to perform through the art of dance.
I love trying different dance styles while meeting all kinds of people in the process. 
I hope these videos bring you joy and entertainment as dancing does for me.
I believe that life is precious and spreading kindness is what makes life meaningful.
My hope is that my dance videos inspire you to donate to the American Cancer Society, an organization that is close to my heart. 
To donate please visit the link below.

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Kerzie Zumba (Salsa-De Vuelta Pa'La Vuelta)

Kerzie Zumba (Salsa-De Vuelta Pa'La Vuelta)

Kerzie Zumba (Salsa-De Vuelta Pa'La Vuelta)

Flamenco Bachata with Krystal

Fiddler on the roof

Solo Bachata2020

Amazing Grace

Cat Memory

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High Fives

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see

Mark Twain

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The cat story

18 years ago during a frigid winter’s day. I discovered a cat in front of a local bookstore. I asked the store clerk about him, she told me that he had been sitting in front of the store crying. For a period of time after that day, I did not see the cat and feared the worst, that he had passed away due to the cold weather. When I saw the cat again I decided to recuse him. It’s been 18 years since that day. From then on he has been with me and my family living a long and happy life.

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